VISIA Digital Skin Analysis

Gen 7 VISIA Digital Skin Analysis is the latest advancement in facial imaging technology. A series of multi-spectral images are taken to record and measure both surface and subsurface skin concerns. These cross-polarised images reveal skin conditions that may not be visible to the human eye, such as sun damage and build up of porphyrins (bacteria and pollutants), meaning we can tackle skin conditions before they arise.

We can also assess the signs of aging such as pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. New Aging Simulation Software offers an accurate assessment of how your skin will change over time, ensuring that we can develop the most effective anti-aging treatments for you.

Comprehensive imaging and analysis of your skin allows us for total personalisation of your clinic and at-home treatments, which is imperative for results driven skincare. All of your reports are uploaded to the Client Portal, allowing you to accurately review the progress of your treatments over time.

VISIA Reports are fully integrated with our full-range of products and services, from Skincare to Laser Therapy, with artificial intelligence selecting the very best treatment protocols for your skin.

VISIA Digital Skin Analysis is a complementary service at Broadway House. Book your session today.


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