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Aromatherapy Associates
Scrubs & Wraps

Detox and Revive:

For when you have over-indulged or when you are just feeling sluggish. This treatment will leave you invigorated and feeling full of energy.

60 mins: £75

Summer Skin Cooler:

Powerfully soothing and re-hydrating for overexposed skin. This treatment leaves the body feeling nourished and cooled.

60 mins: £75

Perfect Back:

Designed for back prone to blemishes and oiliness. It restores the skin leaving it smooth, glowing and flawless.

30 mins: £48

60 mins (includes back massage): £75

Intense Nourishment:

A deep treatment for dry skin. Includes scrub and layers of hydrating marine algae and moisturising body butter.

90 mins: £110

Rose Hydrator:

Intensely hydrating layers of rose serum, oil and cream will leave your body radiant, soft and smooth.

60 mins: £75

Bespoke Skin Polish:

A relaxing all-over exfoliation and layering of nourishing products to suit your specific skin needs.

30 mins: £48

*Please note that timings are indicative of appointment time not length of treatment*

Salts Massage
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