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Red Carpet Ready

Unique to Broadway House, our Red Carpet Ready Collection delivers immediate results for any Special Occasion. CACI Synergy is scientifically proven to provide instant results after just one treatment. Our expert CACI Therapists have taken this latest S.P.E.D. Technology and transformed it into an exciting selection of wow-factor treatments to get you ready for Your Red Carpet


The Ultimate Red Carpet

The CACI Ultimate Non-Surgical Face Lift (including Hydratone and Wrinkle Revolution) with Eye Revive, Instant Lip Boost and Jowl Lift

2 hours: £133


The Red Carpet

Wrinkle Revolution & Hydratone Mask with Eye Revive, Instant Lip Boost and Jowl Lift

1 hour 45 mins: £123

The Lift

Eye Revive, Instant Lip Boost and Jowl Lift

60 mins: £674

The Smooth

Wrinkle Revolution & Hydratone Mask

45 mins: £56

The Design Your Own

Choose from the following treatments to suit your individual needs, Spend your time, how You wish. 

15 minute treatments: Hydratone Mask, Lip Boost, Jowl Lift

30 minute treatments: Eye Revive, Wrinkle Revolution

Price is Total Time: 15 mins £29, 30 mins £44, 45 mins £61, 60 mins £74, 90 mins £100

Descriptions for each of these CACI Treatments can be found here.

Add on Hair Styling available on Request at a Package Quote Price.

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