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Wow, what a week!

Thank you!

It’s been a fantastic first week for me as the new owner of Elle The Beauty Box. The Team and every one of our clients has made me feel so welcome. I'm so thrilled to know that so many of you are as excited about this adventure as I am.

Some of you may have noticed our new website! All the same functionality is here (including your accounts) as well as some new features, so please enjoy exploring!

Next week will brings some more new things! I can't wait to welcome Elyssa our new Aesthetics Specialist. We will also be introducing some new services - the equipment has already arrived and looks amazing! Carecut provides a heated seal to hair during cutting and helps prevent split ends as your hair grows. Cryopen is a freeze-powered removal system used to remove skin marks. Watch our for our Launch Offer!

Love as always! Sarah x

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