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Introducing Nurse Paula

We are delighted to welcome Paula Pascal to the Team at Elle. Paula is a Registered Adult Nurse and Independent Nurse Presciber with comprehensive certification in Aesthetic Medicine from Cosmetic Courses. After 14 years of experience in Clinical Care specialising in Women's Health, this is what Paula has to say about Aesthetics: 'I have a passion for making people feel good and discovering a newfound confidence in themselves. I love what I do! Client care is my priority, and my experience has taught me that it is important to assess individual needs from both a clinical and holistic perspective. I am sure this approach is why my clients consider me to be a friendly, professional and attentive clinician. I have been so looking forward to starting at Elle and can't wait to meet you'.

Paula offers Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, Botox and Lip Augmentation.

Free Consultations are available now!

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