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Face Yoga for At-Home CACI Maintenance

With Lesley

“How can I keep my face lifted in the absence of my CACI Synergy Treatments due to the lockdown?"

For those of you that don't use CACI, it's a course of non-surgical facelift treatments designs to lift, lengthen and plump the facial muscles through micro-current tendon re-education. Here we discuss how to best maintain CACI results but this can be used to help encourage a youthful appearance for everyone!


When we stay at home all day, it is really easy to forget to drink enough water but dehydration has profound impacts on our skin. As our body tries to keep our vital organs well hydrated, it redirects water from the skin, causing it to dry out and lose plumpness and elasticity. If you feel thirsty, you're already dehydrated so we have to keep on top of our water consumption throughout the day. An easy way to work out how much water you should be drinking is to halve your body weight in lbs and drink that much water in ounces (140lb = 70oz of water). Maintaining good skin hydration goes such along way to keeping our face looking youthful.

Two of our preferred at-home hydration boosters are Environ's Focus Care Youth + Tri Botanical Revival Masque, dubbed a facelift in a jar, and AlumierMD's Ultimate Boost Serum which contains Matrixial synth 6 to strengthen, tighten and firm the skin, improving elasticity. The Botanical Masque is for use in the evening; start with a 10 minutes application twice a week, gradually increasing by 20 minutes each time. Ultimate Boost Serum can be used as a treatment under moisturiser morning and evening.

Face Yoga

Your face contains over 50 different muscles and unlike most of the rest of the body, a lot of these facial muscles are rarely used. By carrying out regular facial exercises, you promote the circulation of blood to the different areas of the face, thus replenishing the oxygen supply in the muscles and the skin. Not only does this improve muscle health, it tones the muscle just like if you were working out in the gym. Here is my recommended face training circuit as demonstrated by the Elle Team! It might feel silly but that's a good thing - feeling silly without feeling embarrassed releases endorphins that make us feel happier and more at ease, something we could all do with a little more of right now.

Hold each pose for 5 seconds, repeating the circuit ten times, and do the your ten sets three times a day! That should keep you going and we'll have you back on our CACI Synergy machine in no time! We really can't wait to see you.

Lots of love, Lesley x

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