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Hair Transformation: Balayage & Extensions at Broadway House

This lovely young lady came in to see us for a complete hair transformation!

The Consultation

We started with colour, this lady had been on a journey towards a silvery grey colour for nearly a year but this is a tricky colour to achieve and to maintain....especially when your hair holds so much natural warmth. Our client is a student and because of the regular maintenance required of the grey (as evidenced by its fading over lockdown), and her hopeful return to university in the coming months, she decided that she would like something with a little less upkeep and showed us some beautiful ashy balayage pictures. This lady has tried and tried to grow her hair but it just doesn’t get much past its existing length and has been thinking about extensions. We discussed the hair extension options and methods that we have at Broadway House and decided on the Naked Weave method.


Our lady’s hair needed some TLC in places so we used Olaplex no1 in with every colour and we also carried out an Olaplex no2 treatment after her colour too. Olaplex is a three-step process that aims to repair and prevent hair damage. It works on a molecular level by restoring the hair's broken bonds.


To achieve her colour we used a foiled balayage technique, mixed in with some baby lights. We used foils to help the hair lift which meant we could use a nice low peroxide to help further protect her hair. Once we had applied the foils, we went through and applied a root drag. We also applied some tint in a free hand manner to what may seem random parts of our lady’s hair - when doing something like this it allows us to use our creative side and what may seem random actually has a major part in the final look!

Once the colour had taken and been washed off, we went ahead and toned everything to the beautiful ashy colour you see in the final pictures. We used Wella Colours throughout.


Now for the word....WOW! Our lady wanted some length adding and we decided to go all the way with Additional Lengths Remi Cachet 24” Elegance Hair. We decided on the Naked Weave for a few reasons: it’s nice easy upkeep for a student or anybody with less time for maintenance, it’s undetectable when you put your hair up which our lady has to do quite a lot and it’s a great method for already thick hair simply because it allows us to apply a large quantity of hair over a smaller surface area while still maintaining the condition and keeping the hair safe from breakage or damage.

The Naked Weave involves applying a row of cushioned micro-ring beads into the hair and then securing a hair weave to both the top and underside of the beads using a needle and thread. This is an adaptation to the traditional weave method which has been used for many years on Afro-Caribbean hair, the difference is the row of beads - these are applied in a way that causes no tension or pressure to the hair in the way that cornrows under a traditional weave can, so we are maintaining the hairs health at all times.

We applied 2 rows or Naked Weave into our lady’s hair therefore meaning she had a whopping 210g of hair added which we are sure you will agree looks AMAZING!

At Broadway House, all of our hair extensions services come complete with cutting and blending, the most important part to get that seamless blend, it isn’t just about colour match. Hair extensions should be just that, and extension of your own hair - they shouldn’t be obvious to the untrained or even trained eye.

The Final Look

Once cut in we styled the hair using a GHD wand and then used a wide tooth comb and a soft bristle brush to achieve the loose mermaid wave. To style the hair we used Olaplex nos 6 & 7 -these give great heat protection while smoothing and creating shine.

Aftercare & Maintenance

Now you’re probably thinking that looks amazing but what about aftercare and maintenance? Remi Cachet Elegance Hair Extensions are produced using hair which is ethically sourced from the southern regions of Russia and Mongolia. The hair is hand selected before delicate production to ensure high quality is maintained throughout the production process. This hair is 100% human hair which means you can treat it just like your own, you can wash it, dry it, style it and colour it in the same manner in which you could your own natural hair.

At Broadway House, we love the Remi Cachet hair because of its amazing quality, if you care for this hair correctly and follow aftercare advice it has a lifespan of 12+ months!! During that time we would take out and reapply your hair every 2-4 months depending on your natural hair growth and condition.

We can provide the full service for you at Broadway House: we can take your extensions out and colour and cut your own hair and re-fit your extensions on the same day, meaning you won’t be left without hair and you wouldn’t have to go between different places to achieve your desired look, we can do it all in one sitting!

If you have any questions about our hair extensions and the methods available, or our colour services please do give us a call and we can get you booked in for a consultation.

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