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Manicures & Pedicures

Luxury treatments include the use of thermal mittens/booties which improves absorption of the moisturising products and the additional heat helps with arthritic conditions and improves circulation. 

Shape and Varnish - Hands or Feet (15 mins): £20

Standard Manicure (45 mins): £34

Luxury Manicure (60 mins): £40

Standard Pedicure (60 mins): £39

Luxury Pedicure (75 mins): £45

Gel Nails (Jessica and CND Shellac)

Gel is the next generation of soak-off systems, providing high-strength varnish that lasts up to 2 weeks whilst protecting natural nails and offering weak, bitten or normal nails the chance to grow. No chipping or smudging and instant drying are just some of the benefits of this revolutionary treatment.

Manicure (60 mins): £43

Pedicure (75 mins): £50

Removal (30 mins): £12 (free if reapplied at Broadway House)

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