Hair Extensions

Hair is an unbelievably personal thing! No two heads are the same meaning there is not a ‘one technique fits all’ when it comes to Hair Extensions. Having tried and tested many hair extension techniques we pride ourselves on only using and offering the safest methods and products. Whether you're longing for waist-length hair, craving waves or desiring a nice full ponytail, hair extensions can be the instantaneous solution. Whether it is something long term you are looking for or simply something for a special event we have the perfect solution.

Remi Cachet Hair Extensions

Hair extensions should be exactly that…an extension of your own hair and we provide natural-looking extensions that are high quality and custom matched to fit you. Our go to hair is the Remi Cachet Elegance range which is sourced from the southern regions of Russia and Mongolia. The donors provide their hair by choice and directly receive the fee paid unlike some Indian hair which is donated to the temples. The hair is inspected by the quality inspection team who will check thoroughly for whether the hair is strong enough, whether it is clean enough and whether it is in its virgin state for the Remi Cachet quality specifications and processing procedures. The hair is cleaned and fumigated and the clean hair then goes through a very gentle lifting process to remove the melanin. This process is extremely slow in order to avoid any damage to the hair. Once coloured, it is weighed and packaged and then after passing two further quality inspections, a batch number is assigned to every packet to enable the tracing of the hair should it be required. We believe it is one of, if not the highest quality brand on the market. With correct aftercare and maintenance you can expect to get up to a years’ worth of wear from this hair, sometimes more.   The Elegance range is the highest quality hair we use but we can also cater to most budgets as Remi Cachet also offer other ranges of hair alongside the Elegance range.

We offer a number of different hair extension application methods. During your free consultation with one of our hair extension specialists, we will colour match your hair and talk you through everything and together decide which application process would best suit you, your hair and your lifestyle.


  • Hair Extension Consultations are Free of Charge and Commitment. On booking your fitting, a 50% deposit will be required in order for us to order your extensions.

  • Prices include hair, application, cut and style and a free blow-dry during your check-in appointment which will be arranged before you leave.

  • We can create custom coloured hair extensions which mean whether you prefer princess, mermaid or unicorn we can still achieve your desired result. Bespoke colouring incurs an additional charge.

  • We can obtain custom hair lengths upon request should you require a longer length. Bespoke lengths incur an additional charge.

Types of Hair Extensions


Remi Cachet Elegance Injection Tape Hair Extensions are produced using the highest quality 100% Russian Mongolian human Remy hair. Tape extensions are rapidly becoming the most desired type of hair extension; they are attached with 4cm wide headers that are held with a strong but safe bond to the natural hair. Due to the placement and weight distribution of these hair extensions they are extremely natural looking and kind to the hair. The Remi Cachet Injection Tapes are specifically designed to be discreet in your own natural hair, from the injection process that mimics hair growth to the coloured backing of the tape hair that changes from dark to light colours. This application method is suitable for all hair types and excellent for adding both length and thickness. Due to the way these extensions spread out so well, unless you have extremely thick hair or are wanting to create a lot of length most people would not require a complete full head. In salon maintenance would be required every 6-10 weeks depending on aftercare and how quickly your own hair grows.