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Dermaplaning is a highly-effective, dermatologist-approved method of mechanically exfoliating the skin using a surgical scrape. It aids with dullness, aging, breakouts and scarring and also removes the fine vellus hairs (known as peach fuzz), it also activates cell regeneration and leaves healthy, rejuvenated and youthful-looking skin. Removing the dead skin layers allows any skincare products you apply after to penetrate deeper, enhancing the results of your home skincare routine. And if makeup is your thing, then you simply need to try dermaplaning, as it creates an incredible flawless makeup look!

Original Dermaplane Facial – 1hr: £66

The Original Facial begins with a relaxing double skin cleanse to prep the skin. Once cleansed the dermaplane process will begin.  Unlike some, our dermaplane facials always include an Enzyme Peel which helps to remove any remaining dead skin cells and unblock pores.  The treatment ends with the application of moisturiser and an SPF to protect your fresh glowing skin from any UV damage.

Original Oilaplane Facial – 1hr: £66

The Original Oilaplane facial follows the same procedure as the Original Dermaplane facial, but is more suitable for very dry or sensitive skin, the balm helps to protect, soften and hydrate the skin as well as reducing the chances of any inflammation. This option can also be chosen if you don’t suffer from extremely dry or sensitive skin.

Dermaplane Facial with Treatment Mask – 1.5hr: £81

The Special Facial includes everything in the Original Dermaplane Facial but has been extended to enable us to apply a mask suitable to your skincare needs in order to aid your results further.


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