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At Broadway House, we offer anti-wrinkle treatment for the reduction of expression lines, such as frown lines, crows feet and forehead lines, to clients who are deemed suitable for treatment, following a consultation with our Nurse Aesthetician, Paula, or Senior Aesthetician Sophie. These safe and effective treatments can reverse signs of aging and restores self-confidence.

A small needle injects relaxant into the muscle of the face. This is quick and relatively painless, taking between 5-10 minutes and requiring no down-time. Relaxation of these muscles smoothes away wrinkles and fine lines caused by expression of the face such as frowning and smiling. 

Results will be seen around 2 weeks after treatment, at which point you will be invited to see an Aesthetician again for a review. The results then last between 3-6 months. The variation is due to a number of individual factors such as how long you have been having treatment (the longer you have the injections for, the less frequently you require them), age, gender, the size and strength of your muscles. 

Consultations are free from charge and commitment. 

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Man Getting Botox
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